József Csapó

Csapó JózsefJózsef Csapó graduated at University of Pécs, Faculty of Arts, Music and Singing Teacher, Conductor and Singer. In 1996 he was the first one in Hungary who graduated as a countertenor singer. (teacher Gabriella Jani)
During the years he participated on master classes with Ashley Stafford and Alaister Thompson. From 2002 he sings tenor and countertenor. Since 2002 his teacher is Éva Lax.
The base of his repertoire is baroque oratoric works, however, he feels comfortable in every age from Monteverdi to Arvo Pärt.
His first role on opera stage was in Händel Orlando in 2001. (Budapest Chamber Opera, cond.: Philip Pickett.)
As soloist of UniCum Laude Ensemble he performed concerts all around the world: Germany, Italy, France, Estonia, Czech Republik, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Malta, Romania, Japan and Taiwan. He is the member of Hungarian National Choir since 2003