György Philipp


Philipp GyörgyStarted his musical education on percussions and violin, and graduated from The Franz Liszt Academy of Music as a conductor in 2005. He has been a teacher and choirmaster in the Schola Cantorum Budapestiensis since 2003. He is one of the founding members of Saint Ephraim Byzantine Male Choir, and regularly helps out other Hungarian vocal ensembles, too. As a teacher, he has taught at the Hungarian Dance Academy, and has worked as an accopmpanist at Baltazár Theatre. He is a regular guest conductor at the Budapest Chamber Symphony. He is a member of the music staff at the Hungarian National Theatre and the Central European Dance Theatre; a singer for the Amadinda Percussion Group, the UMZE Chamber Ensemble and the ARTUS Performing Company. As conductor and director, he considers it his mission to stage opera performances that bring the genre closer to children as well as adults, even among the difficulties that afflict the Hungarian cultural scene.  In this aim, he is helped by his company Á la cARTe, which is a complex musical society, also functioning as a vocal ensemble. Its members are professional young musicians who play an important role in the country’s musical scene, and who are dedicated to popularising classical music.