CantuS CorvinuS Vocal Ensemble Repertory

The repertoire of CantuS CorvinuS Vocal Ensemble covers works by many compsers of the baroque and renaissamce eras as well as some later and a few contemporary composers. More cycles of motets as well as liturgical works are represented on their repertory.
The madrigal comedies are performed with stage props, and costumes eventually with participation os actors.

Some works on the repertoire:

Bach complete motets, and some 50 different church works (masses, cantatas, passion music), works by members of the Bach-family, sons, uncles, etc.

vocal works by H. Schütz

Palestrina: Canticum Canticorum, some complete masses, many more motets

Works by Sweelinck, Buxtehude, Schein, Franck, Haßler, Le Jeune, Josquin

Gesualdo: Sacrarum Canticonum

Polichoral masses and motets by Merulo, and Vittoria

Polichoral works by Giovanni and Andrea Gabrieli, Vulpius, Hammerschmidt

Lasso: Lagrime di San Pietro, Prophetiae Sybillarum. and many more single motets

Monteverdi:Sestina, Canti Guerrieri ed Amorosi, Vespro della Beata Vergine, and many more madrigals, and sacred works

Madrigal comedies by Vecchi and Banchieri

Secular and liturgical pieces Purcell, Byrd, Tomkins, Gibbons

Hungarian vocal and instrumental music from the XVII-XVIII. centuries: vagant songs, flower-songs, church music, dances. Some composers: Istvánffy Benedek, Zacharias Zarewutius, Eszterházy Pál, Andreas Rauch, G. B. Mosto.

many classical and romantic vocal ensemble music with piano accompani-ment (Mozart, Schubert, Schumann, Brahms etc.)

a cappella works by contemporary Hungarian composers (Orbán, Vajda, Gyöngyösi, etc.)

Arranged pieces from Broadway musicals, Hollywood movies, jazz standards, and original jazz compositions

Hebrew liturgical works of early and modern composers.